Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Danni Rosner Update

12/29- Jazz Club Firenze
Via Nuova de’ Caccini, 3
50121 Firenze, ITALY

12/12 - Matt & Phreds
8 P.M.
64 Tib Street
Northern Quarter
M4 1LW



Friday, November 13, 2009

Bess and Chris
may the server hosting this video out live me....Please
Seriously this is just awsome

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Know Things:)

Two days a week I'm a janitor...I know things:) The preceding sentence brings to mind one of my favorite movie quotes; the movie: "High Heels and Low Lifes". The quote (as I remember it) was delivered by Minnie Driver to her boy friend as she was throwing him out of her apartment (n life); " shouldn't have your head so far up your a--, I'm a nurse I know these things!".  Yes, I do know little dumb things; hopefully you will find at least one useful or interesting.
First up Spiders. One office I have been cleaning for almost nine years and depending on the season I know where the spiders show up at. For the most part mine are very tiny cob web spiders and seem to prefer the same spots...I'll vacumn them up and  next week others have moved someone put up a for rent sign. The biggest spiders in your office you will never see. The live behind your bookcases and filing cabinets. Every now and then I manage to vacumn one up...but there are some that (probably another generation) I have never managed to get. These usually come out at nite or on the weekends. The exception is during mating season and they will wander farther from thier places of safety. This building has high walls, 18 -24 feet high. So at those times of the year there will be some really huge spiders up above. Most people never notice, but the world being as it is it could cause quit a distrubance. My solution: heavy duty rubber bands! I loop one end of the rubber band on the end of my right hand index finger and pull straight back with my left hand, sliding up my right arm...aim and if I'm real lucky I will knock the spider down on the first attemp. Generally it takes me a half dozen tries but this always works...good idea to have the vacumn hose attachment at the ready and machine on. The other office I clean is a dentist practice...needless to say I go to extremes to minimize the risk of a spider showing up...basically dusting high everyweek...the top edges of the wall and were the walls meet...and everything in between. No Webs No Spiders.
Some little things I've noticed. It seems once somebody starts using kleenex they are hooked. I may be way off base here but if you examine the area around a box of tissues that have been used all week on a dark desktop you will notice this really fine dust...nose...dust...??? Go figure.

At the dentist office I keep things dusted so well that at some point I just don't look at the flourecent light fixture lens (this what they call that the plastic: lens). So not very often I will find a note reminding me...which is good. Can you imagine using high speed equipment  on a tooth and a bug fearing patient notices the light above...for a janitor bug free lites equal job security.
Keeping ground coffee in the freezer is a common practice these days; both at home and work. I have one frig. I clean and found that if you use your vacumn hose attachment the grounds that might (or do) get spilt come right out. Try it.
Something to think about whether you have a cube in the basement or view on the 22nd floor...
there is something that can make a janitor really nervous....usb flashdrives. I'm talking about towers on the floor...this usb drive sticks out and the socket it is pluged into is hooked to a printed circuit board. Now if a vacumn cleaner just happened to hit it just right your whole mother board may need to be replaced...I haven't hit one yet but they do make me nervous. Anyway that is the janitor stuff.
Bed time again,

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Danni Rosner- Vocals/piano

Markus Huber- Bass

Bryan Dawley- Guitar

Rico Allen- Drums

Picture from "The Bitter End" 10/10/2009

An amazing live video ...Thankyou Danni n' Crew!
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Danni Rosner
"and her kick ass band"
At the historic "The Bitter End"
Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009
October 5, 2009

I'm typed out this week but the above says it all...



Saturday, September 26, 2009

"I sound like a housewife, I am a housewife"
from the song; Anchorage, by Michelle Shocked
"I sound like a groupie, I am a groupie!?
from a sudden realization, Via my brain, by Jim Crabb

I remember the first time I heard Michelle Shockeds' was on the David Letterman show. It was recorded on a walkman (seems like either France or England) and came out perfect! It is a story about a letter Michelle sent to a friend (partly fact n' partly fiction?) as she was out singing and traveling the world. She sent the letter to Texas and the reply came from Anchorage, Alaska. Her friend was describing her life and at one point remarks; "I sound like a housewife" and in a moment of self relization the next line is; "I am a housewife." I'm visual artist that has dabbled in writing...short rambling prose and song lyrics. In another land and time I was sixteen with an electric guitar and had an idea I would become the next Brian Jones (first rythm guitar with the Stones). I was in a three cord cover band in what is now the Silicon Valley and I loved it. As far as singing goes after the first year of not quite playing as a togeather group we hired a pro to listen and find out where and what we were doing wrong. We started playing and singing and before we really get started he yells; "STOP!". He then had each one of us sing alone...I got about three or four words out and he says; "that's it!". So I didn't sing backup anymore. Our lead guitar player was glad, we shared a mic and I had a habit of spitting...not glad just plain happy! Anyway I lasted two more years. got drafted...the band lasted a total of five. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. A little history there, opened for the Gollywogs (began Creadance Clearwater Rival), they were the second band. The headliner was the Count Five...they had one hit the now classic Phycotic Reaction. I was writing lyrics and had a song togeather but we never played it as a group. So over the years off and on I write, sometimes put some music to the storiies.Did one Album cover. But I suddenly realized I have become a groupie (I use the word losely-maybe avid fan?). The internet makes this possible and Twitter makes daily contact or just info. possible. Right now I'm following  Danni Rosner, and  Bess Rogers.  Danni Rosner  is playing somewhere and anywhere...this girl loves what she is doing and is also playing the Bitter End (NYC) only on Oct. 10th 2009. All are really down to earth and very real.  But what should I do...I might do an EP, my stuff...then I would at least be a wanna be...and of course every young singer would have a point of referance, "I'm better than that!"...who knows someone might see beyond the noise and do a cover. But Actually being a Fan is a GOOD IMPORTANT thing...being any kind of artist that chooses to do thier own thing, like the above, isn't always is a lot of hard hard (not a typo) work, raman noodles,strange motels, trying to sleep while driving all night to the next town and a little insanity and believe it or not if you love someones work let them know![That EP idea, the seed has been planted...umm...SoundCloud...are you scared?]
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Interview and Preformance by Danni Rosner
on FOXDC Morning show
Friday September 18, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A documentary by Jennifer Welkker
Filmmaker, Writer, and Activist.
The film is about Soldiers, Refugees and the cost of War.
It also follows a homeless veteran to show just how war has forever
changed his life. more...
BEYOND the RIBBON is in production, and could use your support
in bringing this story to you and the world. I feel this is really important
and a little bit here and there adds and you can say "I helped pay for that!"
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

by Danni Rosner

Monday, July 06, 2009

It has been at least three months since my last post....seems I think constantly...write in my head so to speak...but putting it down down on paper or electronic format is something I haven't done much of since the 80s...wrote some songs in 89 n 90...I have been taking the camera out more. The above picture is from a set I took this Sunday on the way home from work. I take the bus to work because the last third of a mile is up a very steep hill and my old legs just don't think much of it...but I do walk the 1.3 miles home...anyway for three years now in the summer I have watched the seagulls nesting on a building across from the transit station. Sitting n waiting for the bus to leave I noticed there seemed to be some young ones...never saw them on the way home I walked across the vacant lot in front of the building and took this picture. I didn't know gull chicks had spots!...guess it makes sense...if this one had not been on the peak of the roof I wouldn't have seen him from a distance. Also got a pretty good shot of Mount Rainer from the 4th street bridge. In the past month I have shot a blue heron and a monarch butterfly...the monarch was wanted to land on me and I had to encourage it to land on the flowers...I really want to get a shot of the blue heron downing a does it so fast...also trying to get the perfect (in my mind at least) honey bee picture. Watching n listening to Strickly Global on PBS at the moment. Learned the chords to KT Tunstalls' "Suddenly I See", the phrasing at the end is a bit hard for Nokia is for sale to the highest bidder...can't help but wonder if Nokia didn't give George W n crew a hand...I guess money has no morals...what? I know money doesn't corupt people do it to them selves...babble babble...anyway peace be with you,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

All the Spidermen are Going Home

It seems we all live alone or togeather in little bubbles. I hear people who talk about coffee and all its various incantations, surtainly not my bubble. I love just plain old dark roast strong coffee and am not in the special coffee bubble. I over heard a conversation about the best places to panhandle amongst a group of six people or sign reads, "Need Gas"...doesn't matter if you have a car or not...not my bubble either, but for the people in that bubble this conversation was completely normal. Here in Olympia, WA (The Olympian...local'll find the best and the worst here) there is a strong green movement. Now one day a week looking out my window come at least 2 dozen bike riders (the kind with pedals) is around fourthirty or five o'clock in the afternoon. Mostly men and all dressed in what looks like spandex from head to toe and reallly colorful...I imagine them to maybe state workers...just looks so
strange to someone who in not in that in tights...on bikes...all the spidermen going home. Another note of interest...I enjoy it anyway...don't always understand it all but artkrush is back...a bi-monthly newsletter that brings art from an international viewpoint to your desktop...have fun,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

21 Degrees
Not me, only three...but that is what it is supposed to be outside here in Olympia, WA by the end of the night...and I know we will have a couple of weeks of warm weather this summer (maybe) and forget the other eight months...a young women on the bus last Friday was showing some friends the great deals she picked up at a thrift store going out of business sale (the economy is hitting the slightly upscale thriftshops now) and she pulled out this slinky pastel I can see totally threw the thing summer dress...I mentally nicknamed her "Hope"...because somebody really believes in summer...babble... It seems I was still "active in the 20th Century"... Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco ...I have emailed the update...I AM ALIVE...BLAH BLAH...but seems they don't believe me...The annex gallery has some of my early prints the 70s...they weren't quit sure if I was a spirit or not...they have actually picked up all the work they have of mine from collectors and even on estate sale...guess I am getting old...Recieved my electric bill today...another month of ramon noodles n cheese...I've been fanticizing about a couple of pork chops with really wide strips of cholesteral is wieght for my age great...but it is hard to find a piece of meat with some real fat...
I enjoy a lot of different types, forms, schools, or creative visual experiences...sometimes a poem is worth a million visuals...but rarely do I run across an artist that blows my socks off...found a couple of images on Zazzle where I am putting my stuff up for sale...(I imagine a few collectors and dealers will wilt when they see my lil' bear...I like the bear...and like to eat and stuff like that...I figure they had thier chance and I am grateful appreciate the past but the present dictates a different approach...framed a show two years ago and figure it is going to take three more to pay it never again will I frame anything for a gallery...they want it they buy it up front...just reality).
Anyway where was I?....It has been a long long time since I have seen a body of work of this calibre and this large and by such a young artist. Some of the images might be a bit distrubing to some...back in the 80s I had (still have) a friend who is a collector and a dealer who had an incredible collection of his own plus he would find homes for pieces collectors had grown weary of or just wanted something friend had a habit of bringing out one piece from the 'vault' and sit it down in the den...usually there were three of us; myself , my friend, and his wife... we would sit and at some point the silence would break and we would talk...well one day B took me to another room and sat me down in front of a David Salle piece...about 4' x 6' if I remember stretched frame...the whole of the canvas was painted grey maybe val 6...and on this ground were a figure of a women sitting in a frontal position nude with her legs spread...this figure was repeated in bold charcol very loose and nothing even approaching just knew what you were looking at...really sort of much as I didn't want to say it was a good painting it was...perhaps it is my training...but somehow really good work transcends the obvious...anyway this young artist has 'it' and consistantly....(didn't find anything banal)...critics (art forum) will bore you to death trying to explain what 'it' is ... but I have never found words that work, anyway check check out Ash Sivils(aka amptone.

Ah two post in the same week...anyway enjoy,

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Random Thoughts and Passing Moments
March 3, 2009
I'm looking out my window....I live at the very end of the East Bay. The sun is setting and the tide is out, the mud is shiney like the top of fresh frosted brownies...I guess I'm hungry. About three weeks ago I was walking home from work...half of it is downhill...I take the bus up the hill, anyway I was on the Fourth Street Bridge and coming up was over a dozen young people...seemed to be TESC students...all were upbeat...interacting...smiling...nodded or replied when I said, "Hi.". I continued down the bridge and made a left onto State Street and this car of young men drive by and one in the backseat has his head out the window and is yelling as loud and fast as he can at me; "**** you! **** you!". Contrast ... made the chance meeting on the bridge special...anyway...
All that shiney mud brownie stuff has made me hungrey so it is off to make my ramon noodle cheese and tuna cassaroll...takes less than ten minutes...maybe I'll post the recipe....(for give the spelling)
Have Fun,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

34 degrees
(feels like 34 degrees)
Still cold up paint pencil n' press and going digital...soon to come jcrabb cipher branded coffee cups...pondering scateboard design...I'm having is good...also in the works a movie that never was poster...hopefully I can have more fun and pay the rent...anyway I just had to write something for have fun...