Friday, January 06, 2006

The TAMP manuscript is still lost in a maze of cardboard boxes. Still other things are happening and of course in cyberspace one is almost expected to wander in the confines of ones own mind and just let things ooze that word...ooze...even looks interesting...lets try it upper case: OOZE...that is even better!

Well maybe I’ve just had to much free time to stare at clouds or something like that….but the question that keeps popping up in my head was (has) the NSA been rearranged as was the petiagon…when folks disagreed there a handpicked special unit was created to match fact with fantasy…and has since vanished from view. The NSA could be worse…my mind wanders to the last election and the “your either with us or against us”…that would make any oppostion to this administration “a threat to national security”…the dots may be fuzzy but given past excesses of this president and the NSA top secret status on documents and activities…it concerns me.

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