Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Random Thoughts and Passing Moments
March 3, 2009
I'm looking out my window....I live at the very end of the East Bay. The sun is setting and the tide is out, the mud is shiney like the top of fresh frosted brownies...I guess I'm hungry. About three weeks ago I was walking home from work...half of it is downhill...I take the bus up the hill, anyway I was on the Fourth Street Bridge and coming up was over a dozen young people...seemed to be TESC students...all were upbeat...interacting...smiling...nodded or replied when I said, "Hi.". I continued down the bridge and made a left onto State Street and this car of young men drive by and one in the backseat has his head out the window and is yelling as loud and fast as he can at me; "**** you! **** you!". Contrast ... made the chance meeting on the bridge special...anyway...
All that shiney mud brownie stuff has made me hungrey so it is off to make my ramon noodle cheese and tuna cassaroll...takes less than ten minutes...maybe I'll post the recipe....(for give the spelling)
Have Fun,

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