Monday, July 06, 2009

It has been at least three months since my last post....seems I think constantly...write in my head so to speak...but putting it down down on paper or electronic format is something I haven't done much of since the 80s...wrote some songs in 89 n 90...I have been taking the camera out more. The above picture is from a set I took this Sunday on the way home from work. I take the bus to work because the last third of a mile is up a very steep hill and my old legs just don't think much of it...but I do walk the 1.3 miles home...anyway for three years now in the summer I have watched the seagulls nesting on a building across from the transit station. Sitting n waiting for the bus to leave I noticed there seemed to be some young ones...never saw them on the way home I walked across the vacant lot in front of the building and took this picture. I didn't know gull chicks had spots!...guess it makes sense...if this one had not been on the peak of the roof I wouldn't have seen him from a distance. Also got a pretty good shot of Mount Rainer from the 4th street bridge. In the past month I have shot a blue heron and a monarch butterfly...the monarch was wanted to land on me and I had to encourage it to land on the flowers...I really want to get a shot of the blue heron downing a does it so fast...also trying to get the perfect (in my mind at least) honey bee picture. Watching n listening to Strickly Global on PBS at the moment. Learned the chords to KT Tunstalls' "Suddenly I See", the phrasing at the end is a bit hard for Nokia is for sale to the highest bidder...can't help but wonder if Nokia didn't give George W n crew a hand...I guess money has no morals...what? I know money doesn't corupt people do it to them selves...babble babble...anyway peace be with you,

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