Saturday, September 26, 2009

"I sound like a housewife, I am a housewife"
from the song; Anchorage, by Michelle Shocked
"I sound like a groupie, I am a groupie!?
from a sudden realization, Via my brain, by Jim Crabb

I remember the first time I heard Michelle Shockeds' was on the David Letterman show. It was recorded on a walkman (seems like either France or England) and came out perfect! It is a story about a letter Michelle sent to a friend (partly fact n' partly fiction?) as she was out singing and traveling the world. She sent the letter to Texas and the reply came from Anchorage, Alaska. Her friend was describing her life and at one point remarks; "I sound like a housewife" and in a moment of self relization the next line is; "I am a housewife." I'm visual artist that has dabbled in writing...short rambling prose and song lyrics. In another land and time I was sixteen with an electric guitar and had an idea I would become the next Brian Jones (first rythm guitar with the Stones). I was in a three cord cover band in what is now the Silicon Valley and I loved it. As far as singing goes after the first year of not quite playing as a togeather group we hired a pro to listen and find out where and what we were doing wrong. We started playing and singing and before we really get started he yells; "STOP!". He then had each one of us sing alone...I got about three or four words out and he says; "that's it!". So I didn't sing backup anymore. Our lead guitar player was glad, we shared a mic and I had a habit of spitting...not glad just plain happy! Anyway I lasted two more years. got drafted...the band lasted a total of five. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. A little history there, opened for the Gollywogs (began Creadance Clearwater Rival), they were the second band. The headliner was the Count Five...they had one hit the now classic Phycotic Reaction. I was writing lyrics and had a song togeather but we never played it as a group. So over the years off and on I write, sometimes put some music to the storiies.Did one Album cover. But I suddenly realized I have become a groupie (I use the word losely-maybe avid fan?). The internet makes this possible and Twitter makes daily contact or just info. possible. Right now I'm following  Danni Rosner, and  Bess Rogers.  Danni Rosner  is playing somewhere and anywhere...this girl loves what she is doing and is also playing the Bitter End (NYC) only on Oct. 10th 2009. All are really down to earth and very real.  But what should I do...I might do an EP, my stuff...then I would at least be a wanna be...and of course every young singer would have a point of referance, "I'm better than that!"...who knows someone might see beyond the noise and do a cover. But Actually being a Fan is a GOOD IMPORTANT thing...being any kind of artist that chooses to do thier own thing, like the above, isn't always is a lot of hard hard (not a typo) work, raman noodles,strange motels, trying to sleep while driving all night to the next town and a little insanity and believe it or not if you love someones work let them know![That EP idea, the seed has been planted...umm...SoundCloud...are you scared?]
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